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Impartive Solutions Announcement

Avitas Technologies is changing its name to Impartive Solutions.

Avitas Technologies started in 2009, and at the time our model was primarily focused on database and custom software programming. Over the past 9 years, we have grown immensely from the original vision of a company that strictly developed software. The business has evolved to be more inclusive of complete consulting solutions from architecture to implementation, and we felt the time was right to transition into a new era for the brand.

With the continuous growth of the company, we found that aligning and centering on the word “impart” was synonymous with our values and direction for the future. We pride ourselves on tenants of personalized support when working with Avitas, and imparting information in the spirit of partnership is intrinsically linked to that. We continue to be a solid ally for all of your Microsoft technology solutions and are excited to offer even more value-added services as part of this transition.

It is a solemn goodbye to our current namesake, but we are excited about the future under the new name.